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Harvesting Orach Plants: How To Harvest Orach In The Garden

By Amy Grant

Orach mountain spinach comes in a variety of colors ready to enliven any recipe that calls for spinach. If you're growing this green in your garden, you may be interested in finding out how and when to harvest orach. This article will help.

Growing Orach In Pots: Care Of Orach Mountain Spinach In Containers

By Liz Baessler

Orach is a little known but highly useful leafy green. It?s similar to spinach and can usually replace it in recipes. But can you grow it in a container? Click this article to learn more about how to grow orach in containers and orach container care.

What Is Orach: Learn How To Grow Orach Plants In The Garden

By Amy Grant

If you love spinach but the plant tends to bolt quickly in your region, try growing orach plants. What is orach? Click the following article to find out and learn how to grow orach and other orach plant info and care.

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