Drought Tolerant Plants – Flowers for Dry Soil & Heat

If you have an area with dry soil or live in an arid climate, you may think you are limited in the landscape. This is simply not true. Many plants not only tolerate these conditions, but thrive! By selecting the best plants that tolerate these dry conditions, a beautiful, thriving landscape can be made possible.

Growing Zinnias From Seed – How To Grow These Easy Annuals

Zinnias are a summer garden staple for good reason. They come in a wide range of colors, bloom all summer long, and they are so easy to grow! Even beginners can grow loads of beautiful zinnia blooms. Plus, bees and butterflies love them so they are perfect for pollinator gardens.

How To Collect Black Eyed Susan Seeds

Collecting seeds is a great way to expand your garden or share some of your favorite plants with friends. We will share our Know How to identify a seed head that is ready to harvest, how to safely collect the seeds and the best way to store and label your seeds for storage until the next spring.

Flowering Plants for Shade – 15 Annuals & Perennials to Brighten Up Your Shade Garden

Many people think that if they have a shady garden, they have no choice but to have a foliage garden. This is not true. There are #annual and #perennial #flowers that now only grow but thrive in #shade. Brighten up those dimly lit corners of your garden by experimenting with our top 15 plants that thrive under these conditions.

5 Things To Know About Rose Mallow

Even with its tropical look and feel, the rose mallow is surprisingly easy to care for. However, to be successful with this plant, there are a few things to know before adding one of these plants to your landscape. Whether it be soil preference, hardiness, common pests, flower life or its tendency to break growth late in the growing season, we will dive into these 5 things you need to know about rose mallow.

Should I Prune My Hydrangeas in the Fall?

Learn how and when to prune hydrangeas according to their type to ensure their overall health and bloom power..

Cottage Garden Plants

30 classic cottage garden plants that will add romantic charm to your landscape.

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